Long Leaf Pine Flooring

Mint Creek Farms is preserving our architectural heritage with antique Long Leaf pine. We deliver!

Long Leaf Pine Flooring

Long Leaf Pine Flooring | Mint Creek Farms - Austin, TX

Long Leaf pine was so loved by the builders of the Industrial Revolution that it was literally farmed to extinction. It is still loved today for the same reasons: durability, strength and beauty. Additionally, this wood is insect and rot resistant. Mint Creek Farms specializes in reclaiming Long Leaf heart pine in order to preserve what is left of this extinct species of wood. This reclaimed wood is then used for various projects including Long Leaf pine flooring.

You will find Long Leaf pine flooring in numerous buildings throughout Austin, TX including courthouses and numerous majestic homes. Long Leaf pine projects a warm ambiance that brings a regal look and feel to any home or building. We have specialized in Long Leaf pine flooring for over 15 years.

There are five variations of Long Leaf pine flooring including flatsawn, quartersawn, rustic, skip-planed heart pine, and naily buckshot. The reclaimed wood is graded based on its color, warmth and hue. This helps to create perfectly matched natural Long Leaf pine flooring that will become even more beautiful when exposed to sunlight. You may have also heard this type of wood referred to as Heart Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, or Yellow Pine.

Take a look at our samples of Long Leaf pine flooring and then give us a call for a free estimate on your Long Leaf pine flooring project today!