Long Leaf Pine Beams

Mint Creek Farms is preserving our architectural heritage with antique Long Leaf pine. We deliver!

Long Leaf Pine Beams

Long Leaf Pine Beams | Mint Creek Farms - Austin, TX

Long Leaf Pine (species name Pinus palustris) can no longer be found growing naturally on this planet due to irresponsible foresting during the Industrial Revolution. Today, Mint Creek Farms reclaims Long Leaf pine that is over 100 years old from demolitions and home remodels of buildings built during the Industrial Revolution. We then use this reclaimed wood to create beautiful floors, Long Leaf pine support beams, barns, and more for our clients.

Long Leaf pine beams provide a rustic and warm look to any home or building. Its beauty is only part of why Mint Creek Farms works hard to reclaim this extinct pine. Preserving our architectural heritage is very important to us, and this is another reason for what we do but the main reason is that it is an environmentally friendly way to decorate and strengthen any home or building without the destruction of additional trees while keeping reusable Long Leaf pine out of landfills.

We sell both resawn and hand-hewn Long Leaf pine beams for any construction or remodeling project. We ship locally, nationally, and internationally for both retail and wholesale business. We also sell Long Leaf pine shiplap wood siding, Long Leaf pine beaded board, and even rare burled Long Leaf pine from time to time. Call us or visit our showroom for a full listing of Long Leaf pine beams we currently have in stock.

Did you know that you can receive government rebates by utilizing reclaimed wood in your construction or remodeling projects? The city of Austin, Texas provides rebates on any purchase within 500 miles of Austin. Visit Austin Energy's website for more information or give us a call.

At Mint Creek Farms, we not only sell and ship Long Leaf pine beams but also provide installation. With over 15 years of experience, you won't find a better price or more experienced installer in Austin, TX. Call us today for a free estimate!